Flat Pan Patios

American Building Products specializes in a wide variety of flat pan patio colors, gauges, and textures. American's patio system is made up of our in house roll formed 12" wide panels trimmed with our roll form gutter system allowing you to make your patio to any desired length. We also offer you the choice of having your patio in a smooth finish or a wood grain/embossed finish (except Galvalume) making for the perfect addition to beat that summer heat.

American Building Products prides itself on offering only the best and we are now proud to offer our new Galvalume Pan. This half Steel/ half Aluminum pan which only comes in a white or ivory smooth finish allows you to span the distance of our .036 Aluminum pans comes with the cost benefit of purchasing .024 pans. Tack on a 40 year Valspar Paint Warranty, we believe that the next step in affordorable outdoor comfort has now arrived!


Below is a full list of the different types of patio pan gauges and colors we offer:

Galvalume White or Ivory  Smooth
.024 White or Ivory Smooth and Embossed
.032 White, Ivory, Bronze, Clay, or Wicker Smooth and Embossed
 .036  White, Ivory, Clay, or Wicker  Smooth and Embossed
.042 White or Ivory Smooth and Embossed
Be the Heat and Enjoy the Shade!!
Free Standing Patio
Smooth Clay Patio

Insulated Panel Patio Covers

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3" Insulated Top